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Root Retouch 

Haircolor is applied to the roots to either disguise or cover grey, or to change natural color to match your ends. Includes blow dry and style. $115

Quickie Root Retouch

Root retouch in a rush! A quick 10min hair color to cover grey or match ends. This service does not include a blow out or gloss. $75


Revitalize your hair with either a trim or trendy update. This service is offered when bundled with any other service. My fav is a haircut/gloss combo to add shine! $85


A gloss is like a "top coat" for your hair. It can be just a clear shine, or a tonal shift to warm up or cool down your color. It can also add color to faded ends. $35

Face Frame Highlight

Lighten and brighten the hair around your face for  natural, sunkissed glow. Finish with a blow out style. $125

Partial Highlight

Highlights applied to the top and sides of your hair. Great for adding contrast, dimension, and brightness. Gloss included, finished with a blow out and style. $225

Full Highlight

Highlights added to the entire head. This can still be utilized to add contrast, dimension, and brightness to the hair. Gloss and blow out included. $250


Add on a k18 or deep conditioning treatment to condition and heal hair. Revitalize your hiar to its fullest potential. $25

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